Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chapter 26: A Plot for a Crime Novel

"Remember, apply a powder base to the lids before applying your color eyeshadow for better blending" Tim is just full of handy make up tips.

Jamie shows up for an impromptu visit. He and Tamira just had a baby girl named Kesha. 

So that means Jamie is on hand to mock Chelsea as she transitions into the elder stage.

Chelsea is not amused.

Kiran also aged up.

"Something smells like dirty socks..."

The first step to solving your problem is admitting you have a problem...

Despite the fact that he's obviously aware of his own stink, Theo remains in denial and refuses to bathe.

He's also not been sleeping.

"How can you expect me to sleep in that bed? It's been woohooed in!"

You could do the laundry? Fresh sheets...you know you want to...

Laundry? What's that?

I have yet to find an NPC servant who will touch laundry beyond picking it up off the floor to throw in hamper. 

Fine, go have some more coffee or pass out on the floor, Theo. Pretty soon, you won't be my problem anymore. We're moving.

Sitara got her final promotion and achieved her LTW. She's also rolled a wish for another baby. I've decided I want to move her and Tim and the kids to a new house before she gets pregnant again. 

CC the cat came into the house with Tim, but barely had an acquaintance relationship to him. Since she moved in, she's become BFFs with Chelsea, and hardly knows anyone else, so I didn't have the heart to take her with us.

So, Sitara, Tim and the kids pack up and leave.

This is what Kiran and Chelea are doing while they are moving out. As you can see, they are devastated about having an empty nest.

And this is their new house. It's up on my Simblr if anyone wants it.

Just a cute pic of Tim playing xylo with Lalita in the nursery.

"Um, honey? I think I washed Lalita's legs off."

Now that they're settled in (and Lalita got her legs back), Tim and Sitara work on that 'have baby' wish.

Also, I didn't mention it before, but Tim wished to get a tattoo. Here it is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Um, tattoos are permanent?"

If you say so...

"Hey, you knew I liked playing guitar at the crack of dawn before you married me..."

When they were dating, Sitara used to sleep through Tim's 3am serenades. Now, not so much.

Well, she's up now, she might as well get cracking on that novel before going to work. She's working on a wish to write 25 bestsellers. She's got 13 and is bringing in something like 30k a week in royalties.

"My blocks. You got that? My.Blocks."

Dhanvin ages up to find he has a bossy older sister.

Noteworthy because this is the first time the potty gets emptied since moving in. Yes, it does stink, Tim.

"You're doing great! Just, scoot back a little so you aren't sitting on the xylo. It will sound much better that way."

Sitara is pregnant. And with the dirty plates everywhere, I already miss Stinky Theo.

Since she has a bazillion unspent points, Sitara buys a degree in Communications and takes the Neat trait to go with that. It helps a little with the plate situation, but she still avoids emptying potties.

Tim rolls a wish to get another tattoo. Enjoy it while it last.

"Why do you keep saying that?"

You'll see.

Though she writes mostly romance novels and poetry, Sitara is coming up with a plot for a crime novel, about a musician who is murdered by his wife because he won't stop playing guitar in the bedroom while she's trying to sleep...

"That plot isn't for a novel..."

Once again, Sitara goes into labor while she's at her desk, writing.

Tim was at work still while she was rushing off to the hospital, and he followed her there as soon as his shift ended. He made it to the hospital doors but was stopped from going in by his own age up celebration.

Tim and Sitara have another boy, Kalyan. After Tim aged, he had a malfunction that forced me to use 'Fix Invisible Sims' on him. It fixed him, but completely randomized his outfits and removed his tattoos. I was lazy and just threw some clothes on him. I didn't bother giving him his piercings back, or reapply his ink. Maybe next time I play. At least he's not having a midlife crisis.

So, the next day they decide to throw a birthday party for Lalita. Kiran shows up but immediately hails a cab and leaves. Most of the rest of the family shows up, though.

Christopher Nothrop-Diwan was not invited.

"Deadbeat Dad! Boo!" Tim calls out to the crasher. Christopher is a single father of 6 and frequently gets jailed for failing to pay his child support. And he looks awfully smug about it, too.

Two of Sitara's sisters made it to the party, plus Chelsea. Kairavi's husband came without her.

And Lalita becomes a child. She gets the Handy trait, because there's all this new plumbing I'm hoping she'll wish to upgrade.

Her first wish is to be best friends with Chelsea, though, so the rest of her party is spent working on that relationship.

"Wow, I never thought middle age could look so hot!"

Kesari stalks Tim back into the house, checking out his ass.

But when she finally gets his attention, she backs off and just talks about her upcoming election. She ended up following her father into a political career.

After everyone leaves. Tim and Sitara run back to their bed for some after party woohoo. And I believe this marks the first party ever to not have any woohoo at all during the party. 

I did catch Kesari's husband with the bed in this thoughtbubble a couple of times, but Kesari was always busy talking to someone she he never got to follow through, I guess.

Quality parenting. You can't really see it in the pic, but it's raining.

First plumbing breakage in the new house, and Lalita is too young to put that Handy trait to use.


Since Sitara has achieved her LTW, I can pass the torch on at any time. I had thought I might make Lalita heir, but I took a look at all the kids as YAs in CAS, and Lalita is just a clone of Sitara with Tim's eye color. And I've had enough of that, with Sitara, Kesari and Kairavi also being identical except in eye/skin/hair color. Dhanvin ages up very well, and has a nice combination of his parents' features. Kalyan is...interesting looking. In a scary kind of way. With a nose that's bigger than anything I've seen in this legacy, and a squishy face. You'll see.

So, I'm declaring now for Dhanvin, and he'll officially take over on his birthday when he's old enough to have wishes to fulfill. It will be my first time with a child age heir.


  1. hahaha love the thought bubbles. They teach them the strangest things when they are learning to talk.

    Lalita is a very cute little girl. Can't wait to see what the boys look like. Kairvai sounds interesting for sure.

    1. Thanks, jazen! The teach to talk interaction always brings up some fun subjects.
      Lalita is a cutie, and I'm looking forward to the boys growing up.

  2. I agree with Jazen! they always teach stupid things when thay teach to talk. I was playing (actually playing!!) my legacy the other day, and Kaity was teaching Autumn. Soda, handcuffs, police car, sun, makeup. I thought it made a story: Guy get's super-hyper on sugar, does something that gets him arrested, runs off abroad and winds up with a hot new girlfriend. Is that really the best thing to teach your son? :p

    Anyway, looking forward to this child heir! That should be fun! And now can't wait to see Kalyan!

    And YAY for party without woohoo! How weird! Maybe it's the new house?

    Loved the temporary tats ;)

    1. I so want to get to the playing part of Brannon legacy, too. But for the next little while I have a lot of staging. But that's why I do these wwishacies, so I can just play n between the more serious posed dramas. And yeah, the teach to talk stuff...I loved having Tim giving his toddler daughter make up tips.

      A child heir should be interesting, I hope. I hope Kalyan dosn't disappoint. He's not the ugliest or weirdest Sim ever by any means, but he got a huge honker from somewhere, and Tim's slightly smaller facial features. So he's not well balanced, lol.
      Dhanvin however is both unique looking and attractive.

      It was weird having a party with no woohoo.

      I'm knd of bummed Tim lost his tats. But I'm too lazy to take him into MC to put them back on. The tattoo take forever to load. Probably because I have so man CC tats, lol.

  3. You have the best in-game thought bubbles. My sims' minds must be much more boring than yours. lol

  4. I can't wait to see the boys age up. Lalita is adorable. It will be interesting with a child heir. Your sims must be broken if there was no party woohoo! Scary!

    1. I know! No party woohoo, the world must be ending.
      I'm hoping a child heir will be fun. I'm hoping for some fun troublemaking wishes, lol.

  5. At least Sitara/Lalita is a nice looking clone. But now I'm all revved to see Dhanvin as a YA. I got tired of the clones and upped several of the genetic settings in SP to start getting something new. (Helen is a clone of her mother, and Layla is a clone of Helen and it wasn't even that Helen's mom was the first who looked like that. I've got Kristine's grandmother in the bin still and she's indistinguishable from Layla/Helen/Kristine except for hair color.)

    Instead of the Dirty Cheating Bastard, you've got the Dirty Cleaning Butler. Oh, Theo. It's time for a bath honey before that tux grows into your skin. Ick!

    The new house is really nice! Wow.

    Bwahahaha! Tim waking Sitara up with his guitar. Oh Sitara! He's right, you asked for it. lol

    And congrats on your woohooless party! Though I half expected Kesari to instigate something there. lol Hurray for Quality Parenting!

    1. I'm going to have poke around my SP, too, I think. I could do with less clones. But, the two boys are definitely not clones of either parent.

      The butler...he really started falling apart there. He did sleep the first couple of nights, but then he just stopped. He keeps drinking coffee instead. So he's constantly at the point of passing out. poor guy.

      Thanks! That house took me forever to finish ,lol.

      It's weird that Tim playing guitar didn't used to wake her up. I'm wondering if I had a mod for that that I lost with the IP mod update. But I'm thinking I might need to take that guitar out of Tim's inventory and put it in the living room so he canplay it there.

      Kesari did look like she wanted to start something with Tim. But after ogling him, she wanted to talk politics.

  6. Just get rid of the laundry stuff! It's very annoying. Also it was very funny to see Tim celebrating his birthday in the dark all alone while Sitara gives birth. Looks like he made the most of it though so that should be commended and so I commend it.

    Also no wonder the Tats were temp, I wondered if you had a thing against tats but yeah...I had that glitch multiple times, very very annoying :/ at least not game breaking.

    The Sims 3: Attack of the Clones!

    1. The laundry in a wishacy can be annoying, but it's part of the fun.
      I thought it was funny that the game pushed him to the hospital whenhe got out of work, but then stopped for his age up.

      I don't have anything against, I love them. But, stupid glitch took them away. I mught get Tim more later, but at the time, I didn't feel like going into the tattoo screen and wait for them all to load.

      Thanks, Aeon!

  7. Ooh awesome, Tim knows lots of stuff about makeup. ROFL. I loved all the pictures of him playing with the kids, even with the one with the baby in the rain cause he's playing with them. ;) Which is more than I can say for Sitara... she looked so mad when she was holding the toddler as they were moving. LOL. Dang, well at least the money's rolling in that would be awesome if I could make that much in a week. o_0
    LOL, the tattoos are funny because I've had times when a Sim with tattoos take a shower, and all their tattoos disappear while they are naked. XD. Whoa. Kiran looks so weird with white hair. Haha, I think it's the stark contrast between his hair color and his skin tone. Oh, how silly, the places Sims will choose to play their guitar. Sigh. Haha.

    1. Maybe Tim wears make up on stage, since he's in the rock music branch. =p

      He loves playing, it's a childish trait thing.

      I think Sitara got one last whiff of th butler as they were leaving, so she was making that face, lol.

      I've never had a Sim lose tats whennaked before, that's odd. Unless they were accessory tats, not the Ambitions tattoos?

    2. Yup, they are accessory ones. I put accessory tattoos on my Sims when I want them to have their tattoo in a place the game doesn't give you a choice for. I know there's a mod for that, but I don't like using mods unless it's pose player or OMSP.

  8. dude, sorry about your tats. That can get so irritating to load and get right with loads of CC.
    Cool! A child heir. That should be fun. :)

    1. I have so many CC tats! I love them to death, but now loading the tats screen takes forever.
      The child heir will be different, and hopefully interesting.

  9. Poor Tim, he had the kiddie put on with a wet washcloth type of tattoos and he didn't even know it, lol I hate glitches that mess up appearances like that, especially when you have a bad memory like I do, I can't always remember what they looked like before the glitch! lol

    Sitara didn't look too happy about the prospect of moving out, or maybe she just feels a little dissed that her parents barely seemed to notice that they were leaving? lol

    Yay for a child heir! I can't wait to see what they all look like when they grow up. =)

    1. LOL, kiddie tattoos!
      I might go in and get him some fresh ink next time I play.

      I think Sitara's face was reacting to the butler stink, but it was too good a pic not to use, lol.

      Thanks, Nirar!

  10. Haha Sitara looked really angry as they were moving!

    Aw, those tattoos were really pretty.

    I love Chelsea's outfit at the party. So classy!

    Maybe Kalyan's nose is from Kiran? And it looks even bigger with Tim's features?

  11. Very fun :) Congratulations Dhanvin ^_^