Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chapter 26: A Plot for a Crime Novel

"Remember, apply a powder base to the lids before applying your color eyeshadow for better blending" Tim is just full of handy make up tips.

Jamie shows up for an impromptu visit. He and Tamira just had a baby girl named Kesha. 

So that means Jamie is on hand to mock Chelsea as she transitions into the elder stage.

Chelsea is not amused.

Kiran also aged up.

"Something smells like dirty socks..."

The first step to solving your problem is admitting you have a problem...

Despite the fact that he's obviously aware of his own stink, Theo remains in denial and refuses to bathe.

He's also not been sleeping.

"How can you expect me to sleep in that bed? It's been woohooed in!"

You could do the laundry? Fresh sheets...you know you want to...

Laundry? What's that?

I have yet to find an NPC servant who will touch laundry beyond picking it up off the floor to throw in hamper. 

Fine, go have some more coffee or pass out on the floor, Theo. Pretty soon, you won't be my problem anymore. We're moving.

Sitara got her final promotion and achieved her LTW. She's also rolled a wish for another baby. I've decided I want to move her and Tim and the kids to a new house before she gets pregnant again. 

CC the cat came into the house with Tim, but barely had an acquaintance relationship to him. Since she moved in, she's become BFFs with Chelsea, and hardly knows anyone else, so I didn't have the heart to take her with us.

So, Sitara, Tim and the kids pack up and leave.

This is what Kiran and Chelea are doing while they are moving out. As you can see, they are devastated about having an empty nest.

And this is their new house. It's up on my Simblr if anyone wants it.

Just a cute pic of Tim playing xylo with Lalita in the nursery.

"Um, honey? I think I washed Lalita's legs off."

Now that they're settled in (and Lalita got her legs back), Tim and Sitara work on that 'have baby' wish.

Also, I didn't mention it before, but Tim wished to get a tattoo. Here it is. Enjoy it while it lasts.

"Um, tattoos are permanent?"

If you say so...

"Hey, you knew I liked playing guitar at the crack of dawn before you married me..."

When they were dating, Sitara used to sleep through Tim's 3am serenades. Now, not so much.

Well, she's up now, she might as well get cracking on that novel before going to work. She's working on a wish to write 25 bestsellers. She's got 13 and is bringing in something like 30k a week in royalties.

"My blocks. You got that? My.Blocks."

Dhanvin ages up to find he has a bossy older sister.

Noteworthy because this is the first time the potty gets emptied since moving in. Yes, it does stink, Tim.

"You're doing great! Just, scoot back a little so you aren't sitting on the xylo. It will sound much better that way."

Sitara is pregnant. And with the dirty plates everywhere, I already miss Stinky Theo.

Since she has a bazillion unspent points, Sitara buys a degree in Communications and takes the Neat trait to go with that. It helps a little with the plate situation, but she still avoids emptying potties.

Tim rolls a wish to get another tattoo. Enjoy it while it last.

"Why do you keep saying that?"

You'll see.

Though she writes mostly romance novels and poetry, Sitara is coming up with a plot for a crime novel, about a musician who is murdered by his wife because he won't stop playing guitar in the bedroom while she's trying to sleep...

"That plot isn't for a novel..."

Once again, Sitara goes into labor while she's at her desk, writing.

Tim was at work still while she was rushing off to the hospital, and he followed her there as soon as his shift ended. He made it to the hospital doors but was stopped from going in by his own age up celebration.

Tim and Sitara have another boy, Kalyan. After Tim aged, he had a malfunction that forced me to use 'Fix Invisible Sims' on him. It fixed him, but completely randomized his outfits and removed his tattoos. I was lazy and just threw some clothes on him. I didn't bother giving him his piercings back, or reapply his ink. Maybe next time I play. At least he's not having a midlife crisis.

So, the next day they decide to throw a birthday party for Lalita. Kiran shows up but immediately hails a cab and leaves. Most of the rest of the family shows up, though.

Christopher Nothrop-Diwan was not invited.

"Deadbeat Dad! Boo!" Tim calls out to the crasher. Christopher is a single father of 6 and frequently gets jailed for failing to pay his child support. And he looks awfully smug about it, too.

Two of Sitara's sisters made it to the party, plus Chelsea. Kairavi's husband came without her.

And Lalita becomes a child. She gets the Handy trait, because there's all this new plumbing I'm hoping she'll wish to upgrade.

Her first wish is to be best friends with Chelsea, though, so the rest of her party is spent working on that relationship.

"Wow, I never thought middle age could look so hot!"

Kesari stalks Tim back into the house, checking out his ass.

But when she finally gets his attention, she backs off and just talks about her upcoming election. She ended up following her father into a political career.

After everyone leaves. Tim and Sitara run back to their bed for some after party woohoo. And I believe this marks the first party ever to not have any woohoo at all during the party. 

I did catch Kesari's husband with the bed in this thoughtbubble a couple of times, but Kesari was always busy talking to someone she he never got to follow through, I guess.

Quality parenting. You can't really see it in the pic, but it's raining.

First plumbing breakage in the new house, and Lalita is too young to put that Handy trait to use.


Since Sitara has achieved her LTW, I can pass the torch on at any time. I had thought I might make Lalita heir, but I took a look at all the kids as YAs in CAS, and Lalita is just a clone of Sitara with Tim's eye color. And I've had enough of that, with Sitara, Kesari and Kairavi also being identical except in eye/skin/hair color. Dhanvin ages up very well, and has a nice combination of his parents' features. Kalyan is...interesting looking. In a scary kind of way. With a nose that's bigger than anything I've seen in this legacy, and a squishy face. You'll see.

So, I'm declaring now for Dhanvin, and he'll officially take over on his birthday when he's old enough to have wishes to fulfill. It will be my first time with a child age heir.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chapter 25: Ancestor Worship

I'm pretty sure that's not a giant sandworm of Dune.

It could be. This is a desert planet, after all.

Well, sort of, I guess. But even for a desert, Lucky Palms still has too much water to sustain a sandworm based ecosystem.

I still think it's a sandworm.

I think maybe you've been hitting a little too hard on the spice, cat.

(Seriously, why would a cat think about Dune sandworms while doing a 'freak out' interaction?)

Back to our regularly scheduled program, Sitara goes into labor just as her parents are getting ready to woohoo in her bed.

"What did you do to me? I didn't wish for this! I'm in agony!"

I had to ensure the next generation, is all. Jut head over to the hospital and it will all be over soon. You'll never have to do this again. Unless you wish for it.

"Wish for this? Are you crazy?"

Sitara returns from the hospital a few hours later with the girl both she and Tim had wished for. Her name is Lalita, and she's a Natural Cook and Charismatic.

The points Tim got for fulfilling the baby gender wish was enough for him to be able to change his LTW. He now wants to be a Rock Star, which is much easier than being a One Sim Band.

Lalita makes 3 grandchildren total. Kiran is nursing a wish for 5. Kesari has yet to contribute her hare of grandchildren.

Chelsea wished to hire a butler. So, here's Theodore.

You know, I"m pretty sure that woohooing in your butler's bed constitutes as some kind of harassment. At the very least, he might quit on you if you keep fouling his bed.

"Nah. Theo is cool. He won't mind."

"Sir, I couldn't help but notice that my bed was unmade this afternoon...Did you and Madam perchance mess it up?"

"It wasn't us. Maybe the gnomes did it?"

Despite her insistence that she wouldn't ever wish for another child, she and Tim did roll simultaneous Have Baby wishes the day after Lalita was born.

Hey, Theo, dude, I'm pretty sure this isn't part of your job description...

"I'm just making sure they do it in their own bed."

"When you get a little bigger, we'll play toys together, Lalita!"

Yeah, hate to burst your bubble Tim, but the range of child interactions is really limited. There's no playing 'with'. You can play next to each other, that's about it. Sorry.

"Seriously? I can't even play with my kid? EA sucks!"

Yeah, tell me about it.

Sitara gets her baby bump in the same spot where she went into labor before, while sitting at her writing desk. Because, all her other wishes still involve writing, I think now she going for 40 novels or something. She's currently bringing in 24k a week in royalties.

Timothy rolls a wish to increase his gambling skill, so he's off to the casino on his day off. 

I was all a-tinlge with excitement, since this would be my first time actually using the casino stuff.  Will Tim blow the family fortune? Will he become addicted and have to attend gambler's anonymous meetings?

After a few Sim hours watching a bunch of repetitive animations, Tim breaks even. Yay?

Outside, the gnomes appear to be engaged in some form of ancestor worship.

Theo has been very helpful since he was hired, making the beds, clearing plates, taking the bad food out of the fridge...but after a few days I realize that he has some really bad personal hygiene, and is trailing streams of green funk wherever he goes.

Artistic gnome renders. Don't judge me.

So, Chelsea rolls a wish to skinny dip with Theo. I indulge her fancy in the hopes that enough time in the hot tub might help old stinky with his green funk problem. His 'naked' hair kind of surprised me.

"I am a man of mystery."

Kiran got an opportunity where he had to get 10k in campaign contributions. So he headed out to the cafe next door and asked a few people to fund his campaign. And then as soon as he got the 10k, he got the opportunity fail music...I have no idea why. But, oh well. At least I got to get a picture of Suresh as an elder. Kiran and Chelsea will be aging up next time I play.

Pregnant Tamira drops by for a visit. This will be her second child. And with Sitara pregnant, too, Kiran has got his five grandkids wish in the bag.

"I'm on a hygiene strike," Theo explain to Tamira, "I refuse to bathe until your parents stop using my bed as their personal love nest."

"Yeah, good luck with that."

Sitara is way too serious for her mom and older sister. She's reading a book for a work opportunity. She'll be getting a promotion on her next workday, probably, and that will take her to level 10 of her career and fulfill her LTW. And I will be in a position to pick a child as heir. That should be interesting.

Lalita ages up to toddler. Sitara rolls a wish to teach her to walk, but everyone is too tired to do that tonight.

Lalita hasn't learned to talk yet, so she cannot adequately express her disgust at being held prisoner in the cloud of green funk.

Seriously, Theo, take a damn shower sometime will you?


"Mom, it's just labor. Sheesh."

The overjoyed parents (you can tell by Sitara's expression) bring home a son this time. His name is Dhanvin, which means Archer in Sanskrit.